Friday, September 28, 2018

Organic Self-care

Time to go back to the future of Organic living. We do not need drugs/medications for everything. The natural way is equally as powerful as those drugs. If we look into healthy ancestors' living style.

My grandparents in the Japanese countryside had natural health and they died by the natural age of 91 and 92. Even their dogs and cats never had any shots and lived a healthy life at max!

Human and animals are the same things. If we eat healthy organic food and exercise mind and body, our immune system becomes very strong enough to fight most of the sickness within ourselves. We must believe that our bodies have amazing functions itself.  Getting too many preventional medications, quick fix medications, and believing taking medications cure all sickness are dangerous.

Let our body supposed to do for the majority of care. As the owner of the body, we eat healthy and practice positive mind and exercise to tune it in for the perfect natural health.

I, my dogs and cats avoid heavily marketed preventive shots that weaken our natural immune system. What's happening to pet's world is the same as what's happening to human worlds.

We must think more. We must use our brain to see beyond marketing and sales. The most healthy food never need to speak up and they can be found seasonally around the green section of markets.  And real healthy food is inexpensive.

Below are some wisdom passed on from grandparents that worked!!

For sudden sore throat care by dust.
When I inhaled so much dust during remodeling, I had an acute sore throat and my sore throat was gone with this remedy in one day!

For cold sore throat care, addition to above.
Also, eat honey ;)  I don't use sore throat spray, that is powerful medication and toxic. If you take 100s of cold medication, it may kill you. But if you eat or drink 100s of lemon, you won't die.

Cheap and Powerful Natural Toothpaste
Since I started using this, I've never had cavities. Drop expensive and useless but heavily marketed toothpaste and use this. This will last 3 years for $8. And you will not have cavities and gums become stronger. Ditch regular toothpaste with fluoride. Fluoride is hazardous and can cause toxicity.

Best Bee Sting Home Remedy
It was a shocking experience I had. It's alarming pain.
This will save you from swollen finger and lingering pain.

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Thank you for taking care of your health.