Sunday, September 30, 2018

Frozen Shoulder Exercise

I've experienced both 40 years old's shoulder (Shijyukata) & 50 years old's shoulder (Gojyuukata). I like to share what really WORKED from experiences, observation, and treatments.

Secret Japanese Frozen Shoulder Exercise

Bottom line is that it will heal naturally, but it will take longer to heal than seeing a physical therapist. That is all.
If you follow the self-care treatment, it will help you to get better faster. 
I and my students get better with own care after seeing physical therapists for a couple of time. If you don't have rush events in life, I would treat myself with these self-care methods and massage.

I am CES from NASM also learned this fact through my experiences and great Seitai (Self-conditioning) Doctor in Japan. There are two kinds of frozen shoulder symptom. One is 40 years old frozen shoulder (shijyuukata) and another one is called 50 years old frozen shoulder (gojyuukata) in Japan. Location and degree of the pain are different. It seems that 40 years old frozen shoulder is lighter in it's frozen condition and occurs when you are around the age of 40.
This video shows home care for 50 years old shoulder (frozen shoulder) that is more severe in pain and condition and often people seek doctors for the cure.
Painful location is mostly around deltoid and the affected shoulder's shoulder blade, and you feel numbness and pain all the way to fingertips. You cannot sleep on the shoulder down nor up without support.

[The way you can test your healing]
You can raise your hand to the front as you heel first.
Flip your hand, palm facing up to raise higher
Then you can raise your hand to the side as your healing continue more.
Raising your hand in the back is last to see the progress of healing. 
Do Not Do the all forceful exercises that make you move the hand to raise in the back this way from the beginning of the treatment.

1. Stand in front of the wall with the affected arm's hand on the wall
2. Start walking up with your fingers. Get closer to the wall if you can go higher.
3. Place a tennis ball around pectoralis major.
4. You can stay to stretch or move around to give a gentle massage.
5. Place the tennis ball on the deltoid.
6. You can stay to stretch or move around to give a gentle massage.
7. Keep a tennis ball under the arm when you sleep.

Massage: [ also warm up the area with padding feels good]
8. Go get the specified massage from $20 food massage place. Tell them where it hurts. Best deal!!
9. Self-scrubbing massage to remove adhesions. Be gentle. 

Secret Japanese Frozen Shoulder Exercise:
10. Shoulder rotation!!
10 times for each direction. Make sure you squeeze the shoulder blades.
Do this set 3 to 5 times a day for treatment and prevention.

Treatments that don't work for frozen shoulders are Ultrasound, Tense, and Strong scrab. Specified massages from $ 20-foot massage place was the 2nd best treatment after seeing ONE treatment from Seitai Doctor in Japan. 

If you are a very serious type who do homework excellently, then don’t overdo exercises for frozen shoulder including shoulder rotations too much. Letting shoulder rest and let it heal by its time is also important. Getting a shot to numb shoulder won’t cure the cause but it will extend the curing period. Let body heal with its time with proper care, and don’t rush. This frozen shoulder heals even without seeing any doctors in 1 to 5 years.

PS: Each physical condition and background are different. Take this as a suggestion but consult with your doctor if you concern. However, this WORKED.