Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Suicide in Japan

Suicide ratio in Japan is the highest or second highest among major industrialized nations.

For both men and women, suicides due to relationship problems became less common over the period; for men job stress became a more common reason.

Preventing Teen Depression & Suicide

Children between the ages of 10 and 15 years old are most at risk for committing suicide. It’s crucial for family members and friends to watch out for the warning signs of suicide, particularly during school breaks. Suicide ratio after the summer break is highest, that is around September 1st.
Warning signs of suicide are:
·       Talking about feeling hopeless, having no reason to live or wanting to die
·       Talking about feeling unbearable pain or looking for ways to commit suicide
·       Talking about being a burden on loved ones
·       Risk-taking behavior such as using drugs or alcohol
·       Withdrawing from social relationships
·       Changes in sleep patterns, such as not sleeping enough or sleeping too much
·       Expressing rage, aggression or anxiety
·       Profound mood swings

My Personal Story....

Bully in Japan
Yes, there are bullies everywhere.
There are tons of mean bully stories in Japan, too.
I share my story with you.