Saturday, December 2, 2017

Noble exercise = Human kindness exercise

How you treat others = how you will be treated.

What you do to others come back to you.

You create own karma and the karma will follow you forever as your shadow. Be careful what you do to others, you get the same result on you.


Kind-Hearted Police Officer Stops Traffic To Help Cat Cross The Road

That dude is rolling the way we all should--taking care of an animal just
like a human being.  I like how natural and uncalculated the guy acts
during the process.

Wouldn't be great if human exercise kindness?
"Please don't look away from animal cruelty and dream this world is a beautiful place. If human is sophisticated, then we should show humane kindness. Otherwise, we are the worst animal on the Earth." - ayacise

Sweet Japanese Farmer Handling Cows with Names Will Melt Your Heart

I wish all cows are treated like this in Japan.


Angel team in India saved this puppy!

Sophisticated human can show compassion and help others.
What you can do for FREE at least is to sign petitions or write a letter to places/people who abuse animals to STOP abusing other life.

Your human-kindness starts from here:
↓↓↓Report Animal Cruelty↓↓↓

STOP eating dogs and cats! => More information.

Please show your care to the wool industry => sign your petition, please

Stop selling confined and mutilated pigs  => sign your petition, please

Thank you so much for doing noble exercise.