Saturday, December 2, 2017

Noble exercise = Human kindness exercise

Kind-Hearted Police Officer Stops Traffic To Help Cat Cross The Road

That dude is rolling the way we all should--taking care of an animal just
like a human being.  I like how natural and uncalculated the guy acts
during the process.

Wouldn't be great if human exercise kindness?
"Please don't look away from animal cruelty and dream this world is a beautiful place. If human is sophisticated, then we should show humane kindness. Otherwise, we are the worst animal on the Earth." - ayacise

What you can do for FREE at least is to sign petitions or write a letter to places/people who abuse animals to STOP abusing other life.

Your human-kindness starts from here:
↓↓↓Report Animal Cruelty↓↓↓

STOP eating dogs and cats! => More information.

Please show your care to the wool industry => sign your petition, please

Stop selling confined and mutilated pigs  => sign your petition, please

Stop selling pork from confined, abused, and mutilated pigs! 

Can you bare this? Stop eating dogs!! => Stop before Olympic!!

More investigation:
Thank you so much for doing noble exercise.