Thursday, August 10, 2017

Power of Meditation

Meditation for Meditation Haters
Everybody has own way of meditating. The sitting style is not the only one! This video shows some example of mindful activities for you to pick. When finding yourself focusing on one activity and forgetting about all other things in your life and time fly so fast, then you are doing your own meditation. Find something YOU can do ALONE and be MINDFUL of it. Practice Mindfulness.
How To Meditate: Level 1
How To Meditate: Level 2
Based on traditional ZEN meditation
Intermediate & Advance Meditation is coming soon...

The purpose of life can be slightly different from each other. But its ultimate wish is same everywhere.

How to find the meaning of life:

* Take some time alone/ Be alone more

* Observe who you really are

* Take deep breathing / Meditate
* Learn to listen to your body's massage (observe what thought makes your body tense or relax)
* Do what your body relax more

You can find meaning in life if you could connect to your body and soul.
Mind your own body and soul.