Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Holistic Care For Dogs

Do You Love (care) Your Dog? Really?
Please read all postings bellow for best way to take care of your dogs.

Best Chew Toy That Cleans Teeth!!
This play list shows BEST & CHEAPEST ways to entertain dogs.

Try natural flea repellent for dogs!
The tie is soaked in water with few drops of Lavender oils.
He wears it whenever he goes out to the woods area.
Be careful with your small dog!
 even if you let him go in the backyard.
Your small dogs are FOOD for raptors. 

           Are you giving shots to your dog too much?
"Do your research all the time before you give shots, food and toys to protect your dogs from $$$ business. Know all the side effects. Know that you are giving toxic chemical into your loved dogs. Know what else those toxic meds will do to your dogs. Research MORE!! Make your dogs naturally strong. 
Don't you wonder why??? "
My Heartworm Action List: Do only seasonaly Wait to give heartgurd until average temperature is 57F(14C) or more for a period of 45 consecutive days and at least two weeks of temperatures over 80F(26c). Give heartgurd, preventative med(heartwarm killing agent- buy for one large size dog and break one into 2 times=> save money) during mosquito season or after the period above only. And once a year Heartworm(DNA test) test($40) at the end of the mosquito circle.
**once-every-three-months dose of Ivermectin(Heargurd etc..) will give your dog 100% protection.