Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Brain Exercise

It's the Japanese folding paper, ORIGAMI!!!
Using your fingers a lot improve your brain capacity and sharpen mental acuity. Also this "Paper Water Cup" could be useuful at emergency situation.
Here is tutorial for "How To Make Paper Water Cup".
Yes, you can pour water in it and drink water from this cup!!
Move Your Fingers to Exercise Your Brain and Improve Its Capacity.

Also you can make large size of "Paper Worrier Helmet" for kids.
The video is showing a small size, but I used to use a bigger paper to create this Worrier Helmet and play worrier games with other kids!!

No.2: Play chess or Japanese SHOGI for advance chess player.
SHOGI is more complicated than chess.

No.3: Video of "if you do this, you won't get Alzheimer" is coming soon..