Saturday, January 7, 2017


I like to give useful information to your daily life, based on what I've learned from experience and research into different topics I think are worthwhile. Most of the contents are coming from my grandmother's lifestyle in Japan. She died by 92 of natural age without any sickness or medications in life, and grandfather had the exact same way. Also, all animals they had never needed to see veterinarians or get any shots. But they lived strongly with natural body mechanism given for this life, and they were happy. There is a lot said about that to share. My motto & foundation for all videos are: ❤️Zen Mind = Correct Mind (正心)
Positive and Mindful State of Mind. ❤️Zen Food = Correct Diet (正食)
Vegetarian main diet. ❤️Zen Body = Correct Body (正体)
State of the healthy physical condition.

I am unable to focus on ONE subject such as "recipe" because food recipe, exercise, spiritual matters are all interconnected to each other. Therefore, my videos have the variety of topics but all aiming for ONE, natural health.

Aya Kurosawa is an Active Wellness Educator, CES (Collective Exercise Specialist)/CPT(Certified Personal Trainer) NASM, Shokuiku (Diet Culture Certificate in Japan) Instructor, Yoga, Meditation, and Spiritual (trained Bodhisattva) Instructor.

AyaCise comes from "Aya is Exercising the Life"