Monday, May 9, 2016

Singing Prayer

Good-Bye to My Parents.
I am an adult orphan since 2016.
After my parents passed away, the world has completely changed.
So, I sing, write songs, paints, and make video to express myself before my time comes. My new goal is to share all what I learned in this life with you...

[For Father]
This is my tribute to my father in Japan who was in hospital with final stage of cancer. I created this video as I pray for him. With many of your support, he could extended his life for over a year. He passed away in in October, 2016.
He gave up on his dream of creating a elder people's village and he unplugged himself when nurses stepped out of his room at night. That night, his spirit(energy) came to tell me he was passing at this moment and it was hard decision for him.
Thank you so much for your prayer and on-going messages. Love you all.
** Your prayer, comments or Liked are so welcome (^^) Please do.

[For Mother]
After my mother passed away in 2013, I finally brought her wish/ashes to Sedona in 2016. Look how beautiful Sedona is. This is the best place for her to rest. I sang her Amazing Grace because she was a graceful woman..
I bought a home with garden and a puppy as she dream of. She came to see the house all the way from Japan, and died in 7 days, in my arms, in the US. How could she manage that? It was Aorta dissection. 

Later I will post a video about that prevention of the disease, and exercise you can do. Stay tune..