Monday, August 3, 2015

Weight Loss

You must follow these rules to be FIT & SEXY.
Rule No.1: Burn calories more than intake calories
Rule No.2: Eat more Vegetables than meat main diet
Rule No.3: Eat regularly with HARAHACHIBU (80% of the full stomach)
Rule No.4: Eat dinner 4 hours before bedtime
Rule No.5: Drink a tall glass of water before each meal begins
Rule No.6: Do not drink pop drinks
Rule No.7: Do not add sugar to your tea/coffee
Rule No.8: Good sleep is better than expensive facial
Rule No.9: Have exiting hobbies to think about all the time
Rule No.10: Do not eat out, cook meals at home
If you keep all these rules clear forever,  
----- Then you will look thin forever ------
It's not a miracle, 
it's a habitual healthy lifestyle.
However, if you want the instant gratification
you can try this exercise.

ADD this 5 Steps Flat Abs for your daily routine.

Download 5 Steps Flat Abs Memo Image: